We currently offer 4 tiers of service: Free, Essential, Premium, and Enterprise. 

These tiers are applied organization-wide, teams cannot have users at different tier levels

Each user who will be able to access Work Orders (either to view, update, create, edit, assign, or be assigned) must have a seat license. For more information on how MaintainX classifies Users, view this article.

MaintainX offers a 100% Free Plan which includes: 

Unlimited Work Orders
Unlimited Messages with your Team
Unlimited Assets and Locations
Unlimited Access to Web and Mobile Platforms
5 Work Orders with Pictures/Month
2 Work Orders with Procedures/Month
Due Dates

Our Paid Plans can be viewed briefly viewed below (annual pricing options shown):

Each of our paid pricing tiers offer discounts for annual subscriptions.

Please note: Annual Subscriptions are not eligible for refunds.

Free Explained

Our Free plan allows unlimited: Work Orders, Messages with your Team, Assets, and Locations, Access to Web and Mobile Platforms. It also allows for 5 Work Orders with Pictures/Month, 2 Work Orders with Procedures/Month, and Due Dates.

Requester Users are included in our Free plans. All Users will have full visibility across your organization.

Our Free plan restricts the number of Work Orders that can include photos and Work Orders that include Forms per month. 

You can include photos in up to 5 unique Work Orders each month (including photos in the comments). 

You can also include 2 Work Orders with custom Forms each month - these can be 2 Work Orders with 2 different Forms or 2 unique Forms but they can only be used 2 times TOTAL in a given month. 

Essential Explained

Essential includes all of the great features from our Free plan without any restrictions on the number of Work Orders with photos. 

Your organization can also add unlimited free Requester profiles - for more information on Requester profiles click here

Essential plan organizations are able to create Repeatable Work Orders. You can include a Procedure on a Repeatable Work Order which would enable you to use Forms to replace paper checklists and procedures (for example, a daily safety inspection or opening/closing procedure). 

Essential does limit you to using 3 unique Procedures per month - if you have more than 3 procedures, it helps to upgrade to the Premium plan.

Essential users can access Business Intelligence & Insights for the previous 3 months. This does not delete or remove historical work order data, only the amount of time you can view organization-wide insights.

Essential Plan organizations are only able to export data to PDF, not CSV.

Premium Explained

Premium includes all of the features in our Essential Plan without any restrictions on the number of Forms you can use per month. 

Premium Plan users will also have access to Unlimited Parts Inventory, Corrective Actions, Sub-Assets/Sub-Locations, Time & Cost Tracking, Meter Based Maintenance (Meters), Offline Mode, CSV Exports, Reporting Work Order Filters, REST API (including Zapier access), and Priority Support.

Meters are available exclusively on Premium and Enterprise plans. Meters allow unlimited Meters and Work Order Triggers to be created and used.

Offline Mode is exclusive to Premium and Enterprise plans. This feature allows your team to save Work Orders to your device and complete them offline. Once the device reconnects to the internet, the changes will be updated.

Export Data to CSV allows your Organization to pull all the data from your account, including timestamps that allow you to track hours worked, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), Downtime, Form answer inputs, and more. 

Premium offers access to our Business Intelligence & Insights dashboard for the previous 6 months. Your Work Order History is unlimited, and always available. If you need more than 6 months of Business Intelligence, please contact us.

Enterprise Explained

Enterprise plans include everything in our Premium plan.  

Enterprise customers also work with a Dedicated Account Manager and receive Platinum Support. 

The following features are also available on our Enterprise plan:

Multiple Sites/Facilities, Custom User Permissions, Escalation Protocols, IoT Meter Integration, Enterprise Grid Reporting and Analytics, Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) Metrics, and SAML-Based Sign Sign-On (SSO).

Site Manager & Switcher: Site Manager allows a single user to switch between multiple Organizations with a single log-in.

REST API Access: This allows your team to use our REST API to integrate MaintainX with your existing software or web solutions. Our customers use our API to integrate with Request Portals, ERP systems, Invoicing Software, and more.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Enterprise plans also include the option to create a 'Gold Master' organization that can be used to set up global procedures and asset hierarchies that can be deployed across Site Manager organizations. 

Contact our Sales team to learn more about additional Enterprise functionality. 

More features and product enhancements are being released regularly - If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please don't hesitate to share them with us! 

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