The first video will show you how to create a Procedure through our Desktop platform and walks you through the different Form Items and show you how to attach the Procedure to a Work Order and create a repeatable procedure. 

The second video shows you how to create a Procedure on our mobile app! To create a repeatable procedure, create a work order and attach your new Procedure and add a repeating function. 

You can also attach PDFs or any file type to a Form Item in each form (think manuals, training videos, etc).

To add a 'Signature' field to your Procedure, use the "Picture/File Field" Form Item. You can upload a 'white screen' and draw a signature on it via our photo drawing tool, or you can upload a photo of a signature from the field. 

If you need to re-arrange Form Items, here is a brief gif that shows how to do that:

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

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