1. Click More on the bottom right corner

  2. Select Procedure Library

  3. Select procedure to copy

  4. Click on the three dots next to Edit at the top right corner

  5. Select Copy to New Template option

  6. Confirm by selecting Copy Template

  7. The title defaults to the original title with “ - Copy” at the end


  1. Go to Procedure Library tab

  2. Select Procedure to copy

  3. Click 3 dots (⋮) next to Edit in top right corner

  4. Select Copy to New Template

  5. Click OK to confirm

  6. New Procedure title defaults to original title with “- Copy” attached to end of title

  7. To change Procedure title, click Edit in top right corner

  8. In Procedure Name field, edit Procedure name

  9. Click Done

  10. Make any necessary changes to Procedure

  11. After making change in field, click Done

  12. 12. When finished editing procedure, click Done in bottom right corner

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