1. Click More at the bottom right
  2. Go to the Parts Inventory tab
  3. Select Part to restock
  4. Click Restock in the top right corner
  5. Click either + or - to adjust stock
  6. Add Restock Unit Cost
  7. Leave note explaining change
  8. Add Pictures/Files
  9. Click Done in top right


  1. Go to Parts Inventory tab
  2. Select Part to restock
  3. Click + Restock in top right corner
  4. Click either + or - to adjust stock
  5. Add Restock Unit Cost
  6. Leave note explaining change
  7. Add Pictures/Files
  8. When finished, click Confirm Restock in bottom right corner

NOTE: On occasion, part may list negative quantity, indicating that number of Part(s) needed in work order exceeds Current Quantity of part when work order is created.

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