We recommend creating a Category with the name "Invoiced". Once a work order has been invoiced you can edit it and add the category. This will allow you to easily filter for work orders that haven't been invoiced yet.

Here's how it works.

  1. The technician can complete the work order as usual and change the status to ‘Done’.

  2. Open the filter panel from the work order table view. Select status ‘Done’. Then under Category select the new ‘Not Having’ option with the category ‘Invoiced’.
    You will then see a list of outstanding work orders.

3. Once you've invoiced a particular work order, click the edit button and add the category ‘Invoiced’ to the work order. It will now disappear from your outstanding list.

And that's it!

Tip: Use the ‘Save Filters’ button in the top right to be able to access this view quickly!

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