Yes, please download the CSV file below, populate the file and reach out to our support chat with the file.
We will upload the file to your organization.

Click the download button after clicking the corresponding link below to download the CSV file.

Work Orders Import File:

Recurrence format:

  • Daily

  • Weekly|1|Monday|Wednesday|Friday <-- So 1 is every 1 week, and then days of the week

  • Monthly|3|15 <-- every 3 months on the 15th

  • Yearly|1 <-- every 1 year on the first due date

Procedure Import File:


  • field_type: one of our field types or PROCEDURE_ORGANIZATION_ID|PROCEDURE_CREATOR_ID|PROCEDURE_NAME|PROCEDURE_DESCRIPTION is used to add metadata to the procedure.

  • field_name: the label for the field

  • option fields can be either one of those format:

    • option_[X]: is an increasing integer that goes up to the maximum of options there are in the whole file. If 1 row has 20 options, we need 20 headers. (option_1, option_2,... option_20)

    • options_json: All options can be given in a JSON array. [ "option 1", "option 2", "option 3" ]

  • meter: the meter name can be included for METER field_type

Formatting Guidelines

Date Format:

  • Ensure dates: =TEXT(A1, "yyyy-mm-dd")

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