1. Go to Reporting tab

  2. Click Filter icon in top right corner

  3. Choose to filter Work Orders by:

    • Due Date: Filter by Overdue or No Due Date

    • Work Order Type: Filter by Only Reactive or Only Repeatable

    • Categories: Filter by Categories

    • Status: Filter by Status (Open, On Hold, In Progress, or Done)

    • Priority: Filter by Priority (None, Low, Medium, or High)

    • Assigned To: Filter by Teams or Users assigned

    • Requester: Filter by Requester

    • Assets: Filter by Assets

    • Locations: Filter by Locations

    • Parts: Filter by Parts

    • Vendor: Filter by Vendors

    • Work Order Procedure Flags: Filter by Flags (Any, None, Only Flags, Only Failures, Flags or Failures, and Flags and Failures)

  4. After selecting Filters, click Apply to apply Filters to Summary and Reporting details

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