Yes! This is a payment option we accept.

Contacting our support team:

  1. You would work with us to get the EFT/ACH option processed:

    1. We would need to gather the information regarding which plan you would be interested in i.e Essential, Premium, Enterprise and how many users you would like to add (Administrators, Full users are paid for).

    2. Following our submission to Billing, our Billing team will send you the Stripe invoice to complete the transaction in Stripe

      At the bottom of the invoice, there are always details on payment method
      (1) Check instructions
      (2) ACH/EFT instructions (each customer is assigned a specific account unique to them) or
      (3) How to pay by credit card).

      It's important to note that each Stripe customer is assigned a unique Stripe bank account to pay into if they are paying by ACH/EFT; the unique Stripe bank account is indicated on the invoice.

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