NOTE: Requester Portal is only available for Premium and Enterprise Plans


  1. Go to Settings tab

  2. Click Organization Settings

  3. Toggle on Request Portal Module (Beta) Go to the Request Portal option

  4. Click +New Requests Portal

  5. Complete form:

    1. Give it a Name: Name Portal

    2. Welcome Text: Add text Requesters will see when creating requests

    3. Who handles support for this portal: Add email address of Admin who approves and denies requests

  6. Click Next

  7. At Bring Your New Portal to Life screen:

    1. Assign a Location: From drop-down menu, select Location of new Work Requests

    2. Assign an Asset: From drop-down menu, select Asset related to new Work Requests

  8. Click Create Portal

  9. At Confirmation window:

    1. Select Copy Link for private link for Requesters


    2. Select Print QR code to generate and print QR code for User to submit Work Requests

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