**Important: Please ensure that your Teams, Users, and Locations have been created before importing Assets**

Need to create Asset Types? Details at the end of this article

  1. Once you have downloaded the template Asset file, please complete it as follows

    1. Column A- Add your Asset names e.g Components - Chillers, Condensers

    2. Column B- Include your Parent Asset names e.g Major Equipment - HVAC1

    3. Column C- Please enter a description of your assets

    4. Column D- Enter your Asset Types here. We will add these asset types if these are not already present in your org.

    5. Column E- Enter your Model number

    6. Column F- Please enter Serial Number info

    7. Column G- Enter your QR Code info if already created prior or QR codes can be created in MaintainX.

    8. Column H- List your created locations that are linked to the Asset

    9. Column I- Please include Team names that are assigned to work with listed Assets.

2. Once the Asset file is complete,

please save file as a .csv format and submit it to MaintainX Support through the Website chat feature.

  1. Once you have downloaded the Asset Type template, please complete it as follows

    1. Column A- Enter the list of Asset types

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