Importing Parts into MaintainX Org

Importing Parts into MaintainX Org

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NOTE: Teams, Users, Locations, and Assets must be imported prior to importing Parts.

  1. Download Parts Template to desktop

  2. Complete Parts Template, by adding following information:

    • Column A: Part Name

    • Column B: Part Description

    • Column C: Part Size

    • Column D: Part Unit of Measurement

    • Column E: Asset linked to Part

    • Column F: Location of Part

    • Column G: Specific Location Area of Part

    • Column H: QR or Bar Code of Part

    • Column I: Unit Cost of Part

    • Column J: Quantity available of Part

    • Column K: Minimum quantity of inventoried Part (be sure to note that parts often ship in bulk quantities, so that 1 order may include a quantity of 10 parts)

    • Column L: Criticality of Part

    • Column M: Lead Time needed for ordered Part to arrive

  3. Once complete, save Parts Template file as .csv

  4. Submit Parts Template file to MaintainX Support chat feature

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