**Important: Please ensure that your Teams, Users, Locations, and Assets have been created before importing Parts**

If you haven't completed, please click here links here for instructions:

  1. Once you have downloaded the template Asset file, please complete it as follows

    1. Column A- Include your Part names

    2. Column B- Add your descriptions for each part listed

    3. Column C- Include part size details in this column

    4. Column D- Include the metric of your part e.g. feet, inches, yards, kilograms, etc…

    5. Column E- Add Asset names linked to each part

    6. Column F- Add Location names linked to each part

    7. Column G- Is the part in a specific bin#. Enter this value in the Area

    8. Column H- If you have QR code/Bar Code numbers- enter in this column (if you have none, leave blank as MaintainX can generate QR codes for your parts)

    9. Column I- List the cost per unit for each part entered

    10. Column J- Enter quantities of each part

    11. Column K- Enter the minimum quantities for each part e.g If quantities of parts are 100 units and you have to reorder that part when the inventory is 10 units, 10 needs to be entered in that field.

    12. Column L- Yes/No if this part is critical to your organization

    13. Column M- When parts inventory is close to or at the minimum value, what is the lead time or number of days needed to restock your inventory

2. Once the Location file is complete, please save the file using a .csv format and submit it to MaintainX Support through the Website chat feature.

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