**Important: Please ensure that your Teams, Users, Locations, Assets, Parts, and Vendors have been created before importing Work Orders**

If you haven't completed, please click here links here for instructions:

  1. Once you have downloaded the Work Order template file, please complete it as follows

    1. Column A- Enter the title of your Work Order

    2. Column B- Select the priority level i.e None, Low, Medium or High

    3. Column C- What is the current status i.e Open, On Hold, In Progress or Done

    4. Column D- Enter your Work Order description

    5. Column E- Select your Work Order Categories e.g Downtime, Mechanical ( these need to be created prior)

    6. Column F- Enter the Created date Format yyyy-mm-dd

    7. Column G- Enter the Due Date Format yyyy-mm-dd

    8. Column H- Enter the Start Date Format yyyy-mm-dd

    9. Column I- Enter the completed date Format yyyy-mm-dd

    10. Column J- Add related Assets in each Work Order entry

    11. Column K- Add related Locations in each Work Order entry

    12. Column L- Select the Work Order Recurrence
      Recurrence format:

      • Daily

      • Weekly|1|Sunday|Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday

      • Monthly|3|1 <-- every 3 months on the 1st

      • Yearly|1 <-- every 1 year on the first due date

    13. Column M- Enter the Work Order creator (User must be present in your org)

    14. Column N- The user's name who has completed the Work Order

    15. Column O- Vendors linked in the Work

    16. Column P- Team names are entered in this column

    17. Column Q- User/ Teams that have been assigned to the Work Order

    18. Column R- Work Order number

    19. Column S- This column contains the Procedure template number IDs (Procedures need to have been created prior)

      Below is an example of completed fields in your Work Order import file
      (Click to enlarge)

    2. Once the Location file is complete, please save the file using a .csv format and submit it to MaintainX Support through the Website chat feature

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