1. Once you have downloaded the Procedure template file, please complete it as follows

    1. Column A- Enter the title of your Procedure e.g.Maintenance checklist etc.

    2. Column B- Select the field type and enter values e.g. NUMBER etc.

      1. NUMBER

      2. TEXT

      3. RADIO (this is Multiple choice)

      4. CHECK (Checkbox)

      5. CHECKLIST


      7. AMOUNT

      8. FILE

      9. IMAGE

      10. YESNONA

      11. SIGNATURE

      12. METER

      13. HEADING

    3. Column C- Based on the value chosen for Column B e.g CHECKLIST, enter " Check air pressure" in Column C, "Battery water" in Column D, etc.

    2. Once the Procedure file is complete, please save the file using a .csv format and submit it to MaintainX Support through the Website chat

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