Adding Conditional Logic to Procedures

Adding Conditional Logic to Procedures

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NOTE: You can add conditional logic while creating a new Procedure or by editing a Procedure already in use.

NOTE: If adding logic to Procedure already in use, you will be asked if conditional logic applies across all work orders (globally) using Procedure or only to Procedure (local) currently being edited.


  1. Go to Procedure Library tab or Work Orders tab

  2. From Procedure Library tab, select Procedure to add conditional logic

    OR, From Work Order tab, select Work Order and click Procedure to add conditional logic

  3. In top right of Procedure, click Edit

    Select Edit Library Template to change Procedure across all work orders in which it appears, or Edit Locally to change Procedure only in this Work Order

  4. Scroll to Procedure step requiring conditional logic

  5. Click inside step

  6. Click logic icon to add logic

To Set IF-THEN Logic:

  1. To right of If answer is, in Select... box, click arrow to choose IF logic (for ex., select one of, none of, or other - these options are function of field type of which you are creating condition)

  2. Add field name

  3. Add Procedure response type (for ex., Checkbox, Text Field, Inspection Check, etc.)

  4. Add Procedure step based on response type

    1. From pop-up window at bottom of screen, add additional Fields, Headings, Sections, and/or Procedures to Procedure step

  5. If Required, toggle Required button (can toggle on and off)

  6. To add additional steps based on initial condition, click add a condition beneath added field

  7. In upper right corner of Procedure, click Save Template when finished

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