AI-Powered Voice Memos
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How to Send & Transcribe Voice Memos

To help frontline workers save time, MaintainX allows you to send voice memos in addition to typed messages.

Voice memos can also be transcribed into text automatically using AI. This adds rich context to your work order data and makes it easier to receive information in noisy environments.

Voice memos can be sent and accessed in both Work Order comments and Messages.

To send a voice memo, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to a Message thread or the Comments tab in a Work Order.

  • Press the microphone icon just below the message field.

  • Record a message by simply speaking into your mobile device.

  • Hit the blue check mark to save your recording, or the gray cross to cancel it.

  • Once a recording is saved, hit Send, and it will be added to the message or comment thread.

To transcribe a voice memo, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to a Message or Work Order comment thread that contains a voice memo.

  • Click Get AI Transcription under the voice memo that you want to transcribe.

  • A transcription of the message will now be generated automatically, and displayed in the thread next to the voice clip.

Note: Voice memos can be transcribed by any user who has access to the thread. Once voice memos are transcribed, the transcription is stored indefinitely in your Message or Work Order history.

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