You can enable the barcode module by going to your Organization Profile page and checking the box next to "Enable Vendor Module".

Once it has been activated for your organization, you can find it under 'More Options'.

Next, under 'Manage', you will see the 'Vendors' tab

Once selected, you will be able to manage your Vendors from here. To create a new Vendor, simply select the 'New' button. 

Our Vendor Portal currently only supports Email. However, as you can see in the above example with "Roto-Rooter Plumbers", I've added a phone number in the 'Description' field to keep it handy for my Team.

Once your Vendor has been created, you can add them to Work Orders. In the screenshot below, you can see a new Work Order screen with a new field: 'Related Vendors'.

You can also assign the Work Order to someone in your team who will be overseeing/managing the Vendor's project or service. 

Once the Work Order is created, the Vendor will receive an email with a copy of the Work Order and all the details you have provided. 

The email address of the Work Order Creator will be CC'ed, so if the Vendor has any questions or comments, they can reply to the email. 

The Vendor can not interact with the Work Order in MaintainX - this includes updating the status, commenting or uploading any photos.

To update the Work Order, either the creator or internal assignee will need to make any comments, notes or status updates required. 

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