FYI - The MaintainX Web platform offers more robust permissions options by User than the Mobile platform. (Only Administrators can modify and assign permissions.)


(For Administrators only)

  1. Click More in bottom right corner

  2. Click Settings

  3. Select Organization

  4. Select Restrict Work Orders Visibility

  5. If this option is checked, Full Users will only be able to view Work Orders assigned to or created by them. Full Users cannot view completed Work Order history of Assets, Locations, or Categories if they were not originally assigned to Work Order. Administrators are able to view everything.

  6. Click Update in top right corner


(For Administrators only)

  1. Go to Teams/Users tab

  2. Click Users

  3. Select User to change permissions

  4. Select from three Work Order Visibility options:

    1. Organization: Adopts Organization-wide settings to “Restrict Work Orders Visibility” or not

    2. Full Visibility: Overrides Organization settings and provides User with full visibility to Work Orders

    3. Limited Visibility: Restricts specific User visibility to only directly assigned Work Orders

  5. Click Save Permissions

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