Web Only:

1. To get to the Export Data section you can choose from the 2 options below

a. Go to the Reporting tab then click on Export Data > header

b. Click on your Profile at the bottom left corner then go to the Export Data tab

2. Select from the 5 Data items that you can export

a. Export Work Order List - Export Work Order data as a PDF/CSV(Excel) file

i. Filter date range of data based on Start Date & End Date

ii. You can choose which work orders to include in this date range

1. Planned or Created

2. Due

3. Completed

iii. You can include or exclude Procedures on this extract

iv. You can use the filters below:

1. Due Date - Filter Overdue or No Due Date

2. Work Order Type - Filter Only Reactive or Only Repeatable

3. Categories - Filter based on created categories

4. Status - Filter based on status of the work orders (Open, On Hold, In Progress & Done)

5. Priority - Filter based on work order priority (None, Low, Medium & High)

6. Assignee - Filter based on selected assignee

7. Teams - Filter based on selected teams

8. Assets - Filter based on selected assets

9. Asset Types - Filter based on selected asset types

10. Locations - Filter based on selected locations

11. Vendors - Filter based on selected Vendors

iv. Once done with all the specifications of the data extract click on Export

b. Assets - Export asset list as a CSV(Excel) file

i. You can now use the filter function

c. Locations - Export locations list as a CSV(Excel) file

d. Parts - Export parts list as a CSV(Excel) file

i. You can choose to include only Parts that need restock

e. Parts Transactions - Export parts transactions list as a CSV(Excel) file

i. You can also filter the date range of data based on Start Date & End Date

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