Connecting MaintainX with Other Apps

Connecting MaintainX with Other Apps

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NOTE: To integrate MaintainX and Zapier, you need to have a Zapier account.

After opening Zapier account:

  1. Scroll down to select first Trigger Event

  2. Click Continue

  3. Click Sign in to MaintainX

  4. In the pop-up window, enter MaintainX API Key

  5. To get MaintainX API key, open new browser window

  6. (NOTE: MaintainX REST API is available only to Premium and Enterprise Plan Organizations)

  7. Click +Generate New Key in top right corner of screen

  8. Label key with simple description of what it will be used for

  9. Click Generate Key

  10. Copy the key to desktop app (i.e., Notepad) because key cannot be retrieved again

  11. Copy API Key into Zapier

Use this MaintainX-Zapier integration with more than 3000+ supported integrations.

For additional MaintainX API documentation:

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