**Please note this is an On- Demand feature for Enterprise Users only**

Workstation Mode is used to turn a public computer into a multi user access terminal.
Where many users in an organization needs to login to MaintainX, a 4 digit PIN (instead of email addresses and/or phone numbers) can be used to access user accounts

  1. To start Workstation Mode on a device, the Organization Admin must start from the option available in the Settings menu.

  2. Go to the Request Portal Option in your left menu

  3. The screen shown "Turn this Device into a WorkStation" will be shown

    The Create PIN option will require a 4 Digit Pin to be created

  4. Choosing to "Turn this Device into a WorkStation" will convert a chosen computer into a Workstation where a PIN will be required to access your MaintainX instance. Once clicked, the prompt will be shown

  5. Following selecting the OK option after the prompt is shown, the screen will be displayed

  6. If your PIN is forgotten to log in to your WorkStation, a reset to your PIN can be initiated and a recovery email will be sent to your email address related to your MaintainX account

  7. If you would like to turn off Work Station mode, once logged in to your MaintainX instance

    1. Go to Settings

    2. Click on the Workstation Mode

    3. Click on the "Stop Workstation Mode"

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