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Importing Work Orders into MaintainX Org
Importing Work Orders into MaintainX Org

Importing Work Orders into MaintainX Org

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NOTE: Teams, Users, Locations, Assets, Parts, and Vendors must be imported prior to importing Work Orders.

  1. Download Work Order template to desktop

  2. Complete Work Order Template, by adding following information:

    • Column A: Work Order title

    • Column B: Work Order Priority (None, Low, Medium, or High)

    • Column C: Work Order Status (Open, On Hold, In Progress, or Done)

    • Column D: Work Order Description

    • Column E: Work Order Categories

    • Column F: Work Order Created date

    • Column G: Work Order Due Date

    • Column H: Work Order Start Date

    • Column I: Work Order Completed date

    • Column J: Assets related to Work Order

    • Column K: Location of work

    • Column L: Work Order Recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly)

    • Column M: Work Order creator (User must in org)

    • Column N: User who completed Work Order

    • Column O: Vendors linked to Work Order

    • Column P: Team on Work Order

    • Column Q: Assignee of Work Order

    • Column R: Work Order Number

    • Column S: Procedure Template IDs (Procedures must already be created)

  3. Once complete, save Work Order Template file as .csv

  4. Submit Work Order Template file to MaintainX Support chat feature

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