What Is Advanced Reporting?

Understanding MaintainX Advanced Reporting

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MaintainX Advanced Reporting captures industry standard KPIs, including workforce productivity, completion rates, distribution type, and open work orders, to name a few.

Dashboard metrics are essential for many reasons, but perhaps the most important is that they are evidence of the success or failure of workflows throughout a company or a team, with an individual, or even with a particular piece of equipment.

In the Reporting Summary view, you have access to 8 Reporting dashboards, as well as grouped reports by user or asset. From each of these reports, you can home in for more real-time details.

Click on the name of the chart for a full-screen view of that report. From here, you can filter work order details to go deeper into the specifics.

Dashboard: Summary View

  • Work Orders:

    • Created & Completed

    • Repeatable & Reactive

    • Status

    • Priority

  • Reported Time & Cost Analysis:

    • Time & Reports

  • Inspections & Timing:

    • Completed with Inspection Check

    • Time to Complete

    • On-Time & Overdue

  • Grouped Reports:

    • Completed by User

    • Asset Maintenance

In addition to the real-time functionality of the Dashboards, you can look at each individual Dashboard and customize the details you are most interested in. To do this, we offer a range of reporting filters by time and by data.

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