Reporting 2.0 or Advanced Reporting is PACKED with powerful insights and functionality that will transform your business. Our interactive dashboards show you everything you need to run your team and manage your assets with precision. Reporting is only available on our Desktop/Web app.

In short, Reporting 2.0 Dashboards allow you to view:

  • Created and Completed detail how many Work Orders were created and completed in your given time range.

  • Repeatable vs Reactive Work Orders details how many of the Work Orders in your Organization are planned/repeated vs reactive

  • Work Order Statuses is an easy way to get a high-level perspective on how many Work Orders are currently outstanding across Teams, Users, Assets, Locations, and Categories.

  • Work Orders by Priority shows a breakdown of each Work Order by Status.

  • Inspection results including completion rate details how many Inspection Checks have been Passed, Flagged, Failed in your chosen reporting period.

  • Time spent on Work Orders, Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) provides a robust overview of how much time was spent across your entire Organization completing Work Orders. The time is calculated from the time a Work Order is created to the time a Work Order is completed. For repeating Work Orders, the time is measured from the ‘Created Date’ of that Work Order.

    Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR) is only calculated on Reactive Work Orders. This timer starts when the Work Order is created – so that you can account for total Downtime (not just Wrench Time).

  • On-Time & Overdue Work Orders how timely your Organization is when it comes to completing Work Orders on-time (by the due date). It can also highlight how many Reactive Work Orders don’t have a due date assigned at all.

  • Grouped Reports by User

  • Asset Maintenance Reports

  • All Repeatable Work Orders

  • Detailed Views of everything listed above

  • Full range of Filter options

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