NOTE: The login to access MaintainX Training videos and courses is entirely separate from your MaintainX login. As a result, you must create a new password for the Training Center even if you have already signed into MaintainX.


  1. Click here to access MaintainX Training Center

  2. Select Introductory Technician Training Course

  3. On the MaintainX Introductory Technician Training Course screen, click Get Started

  4. On the Sign Up screen, click Sign up with email

  5. On the next Sign Up screen, type Full Name and Email and create Password

  6. MaintainX will send verification email

  7. View the following lessons in the Introductory Technician Training Course:

    1. Lesson 1: Signing On

    2. Lesson 2: Navigating MaintainX

    3. Lesson 3: Time Tracking

    4. Lesson 4: Creating Reactive Work Orders

    5. Lesson 6: Creating Work Requests

    6. Lesson 7: Workstation Mode

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