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Configuring Resource Planning for your organization
Configuring Resource Planning for your organization
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Because Resource Planning relies on accurate information about your team’s capacity, MaintainX allows you to configure the feature according to your specific needs.

You can find the settings for Resource Planning by clicking Settings (in the bottom left of your screen) Features Work Orders, and navigating to the Resource Planning section at the bottom.

Here, you can toggle the Workload View on and off, set the working capacity for your organization, and decide how you want time to be distributed between technicians when you have multiple assigned to a work order.

To configure your team’s scheduling capacity, click Set Organization Capacity. The working days and hours that you set in this section will be reflected on the calendar in Workload View, enabling you to schedule and assign work orders according to shift patterns.

In this section, you can also customize the working days for each individual, and indicate which users can be assigned work orders in the Workload View. By default, all Full Users in your organization will display in Workload View. When a user is toggled off in the Schedulable Users column, they will not display in Workload View.

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