MaintainX Desktop App: Explained

This article shows you how to save MaintainX on your Desktop for easy access or set-up 'Kiosk Mode'

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MaintainX doesn't offer a standalone desktop app yet. However, if you want the convenience of accessing MaintainX directly from your desktop, here is a quick trick on how to set it up. 

If you use Google Chrome you can install the web version as if it were a desktop application by following these 2 easy steps:

1. Select "Install MaintainX…" from the Google Chrome settings menu:

2. Click "Install" in the prompt you get:

🎉 It's now installed and accessible from your desktop or launch bar:

When you launch the app it gets its own window and everything:

To log in, use the same phone number you use to access your team on your mobile device. Be sure to have your phone handy so you can log in using the code we send you as a password. Unless you log out, you should stay logged in. 

While this will work with any user type, with full functionality, this is also great way to set up Kiosk Mode with your Requester Users. Simply launch the app, make it full screen, and your team will always have an easy time entering requests.

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