QR/Barcode Scanning Explained

Want to easily lookup your Assets? This brief article will show you how to setup QR Codes & Barcodes for your Assets!

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Barcodes and QR Codes are used to help organize and find your assets.

You can enable the barcode module by going to your Organization Profile page and checking the box next to "Enable QR/Barcode Module".

Once that's done, you will now be able to add and create Barcodes for your Assets. If you have existing Barcodes on your Assets, you can manually pair them with your MaintainX Assets or we can mass import those Barcodes for you - contact support to get started!

Adding/Creating Barcodes

There are two ways to add a Barcode on mobile - scan directly from the Asset tab on or select a specific Asset and add a Barcode via the edit option.

  • To add a Barcode by scanning it. Open MaintainX, go to your Asset tab and tap the scan icon at the top right. Scan the Barcode and press "Attach code to existing Asset".

  • To add by editing the Asset, go to the details page and press edit. You'll be able to input a Barcode number manually if you had one previously, or have our system generate a new one for you.

Using Barcodes

When you are creating a work order or when you are on the asset tab, you can press the scan icon to find a specific Asset quickly.

Once you've scanned the Barcode, if it is already associated with an Asset in your MaintainX account, it will prompt you to confirm that you want to add the Asset to the Work Order or pull up the Asset in the app.

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