What is Resource Planning?
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Resource Planning provides new and improved work order planning and scheduling within MaintainX to help you get more done.

Our new Workload View allows you to optimize your team’s capacity, balance workload, and get real-time labor insights for each team member – all on one screen.

Resource Planning enables you to:

  • Make faster planning decisions by seeing each technician’s schedule on the same screen

  • Get more done and reduce unexpected overtime by spotting bottlenecks and quickly balancing workload

  • Know when you need to reprioritize work, improve performance or add more headcount

Resource Planning is available to customers using our Enterprise plan.

You can access the feature using the MaintainX desktop app, by navigating to the Work Orders module and selecting the new Workload View from the list of available views at the top of the screen.

Workload View is designed to complement Calendar View by providing real-time labor capacity data for each team member that helps you to make data-driven scheduling decisions. For work orders to display in Workload View, they must have a start date and estimated time.

For more information, read Understanding Workload View.

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