Introduction to Meters

Watch this brief video to learn how to use Meters on MaintainX.

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Not all preventive maintenance programs should operate on a time basis. The MaintainX Meters feature is powerful enough for any usage-based maintenance tracking your team needs. Meters help prevent emergency maintenance issues by triggering warnings in advance.

This feature supports a category of workflows that empower maintenance teams to effortlessly maintain assets and equipment based on utilization triggers.

Meters enable maintenance teams to track meter readings, such as:

  • Odometer readings

  • Cycles counts for machinery

  • Engine run time

  • Temperature readings

  • Pressure readings

  • Vibration readings

  • Electric meter readings

In this video, you will learn to:

  • Create Meters

  • Edit Meters

  • Create Meter Reading Work Order Triggers

  • Create Meter Reading Work Orders

  • Record Meter Readings

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