Adding Scoring to Procedure

Adding Scoring to Procedure

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NOTE: Procedure Scores apply standard scores to Procedures to identify Work Orders that fall short of quality, cleanliness, and/or safety standards. Based on organization’s priorities and goals, adjust calculation of total Procedure Score.

NOTE: Procedure Scores can only be added when creating or editing existing Procedures on Desktop.


  1. Go to Procedure Library tab

  2. Select Procedure to edit

  3. Click Edit in top right corner

  4. In top right corner, click Scoring to toggle on (green)

  5. Maximum scores will appear next to fields

  6. Click field to add scoring:

    1. Checkbox: can be adjusted

    2. Multiple Choice: each choice can be adjusted

    3. Checklist: can be adjusted

    4. Inspection Check: Default = 2

  7. Click + Add Option

  8. Add score standard per option (for ex., Spotless, Needs Work, Still Dirty)

  9. Add corresponding score (for ex., 5, 3, 0)

  10. Repeat to add additional standards and scores

  11. Click through fields to add scores and options

  12. When finished adding scoring to Procedure, click Save Template in top right corner

For more information, check out our post on MaintainX's updated Procedure Builder.

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