User Classes Explained

This article explains the differences between User Classes in MaintainX.

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Admin Users (these users are paid per user based on your subscription)

  • Organization creator by default is the first Admin.

  • Admin User can remove other Users from your organization, view and approve Work Requests, and change the class of a user (promote to Admin, demote to Full User, etc.).

  • Admins can view your Team Members' profiles, including phone numbers (Full and Requester Users cannot view phone numbers).

  • Admins can view and update your organization's billing information on your organization's Billing Page.

  • Admins have all the same abilities as Full Users.

Full Users (these users are paid per user based on your subscription)

  • Full users can create and edit Work Orders, assign Work Orders, and modify Assets and Locations.

  • Full users have full Messaging functionality, both via comments and direct messages.

  • Full Users cannot view, approve, or deny Work Requests (created by Requesters).

Requester Users (these users are FREE and an unlimited number of Requesters can be created in any org)

  • Requesters can only create Work Requests.

  • Admins must approve and assign Work Requests.

  • Work Requests are not full Work Orders, cannot be assigned, and are not visible to Full Users.

  • Requesters cannot assign Work Orders, view Work Orders, or view Assets and Locations.

  • Requestors can access direct messages and join group messages.

  • Requesters can view the status of and comment on Work Requests that they submitted.

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