Admin Profiles - The organization creator by default is your first Admin. The Admin has the ability to remove users from an organization, view and approve work order requests and change user classes (promote to admin, demote to user, etc). 

Admins can view your Team Member's profiles, including phone numbers (Full Users and Requester Users cannot view phone numbers for privacy). 

Admins are also able to view and update billing information in your organization's Billing Page. Additionally, Admins have the same abilities as Full Users. 

Full Users - This user class allows users to be assigned work orders, modify assets and locations, and create work orders. Full Users can also edit Work Orders. 

Full users have full messaging functionality in the app, both via comments and direct messages.

Requester Users - This user class allows requesters to create Work Requests. Work Requests are not full Work Orders, cannot be assigned and are not be visible to full users. 

Admins must approve and assign work order requests. Full Users cannot view, approve/deny Work Requests. 

Requester users are unable to be assigned work orders, view work orders or assets/locations however they are able to access direct messages, and join group messages. 

Requesters can also view the status of requests they submitted and comment on them if necessary. 

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