Introduction to Vendors

Watch this brief video to learn how to use Vendors on MaintainX.

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In MaintainX, it's important to make sure your Work Orders contain all the information necessary so that your teams can complete the work efficiently and on time. This means including vital information about your equipment, the vendors, the location of the equipment, up-to-date parts inventory, standard operating procedures, instructions, and any other descriptive information that a technician may need on the spot, from the location where maintenance is carried out. Adding Vendor information to Work Orders also allows you to make the most out of MaintainX's Purchase Order feature.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Vendor in MaintainX

  • Add a Vendor to an existing Work Order

  • Edit any information about a Vendor

  • Delete a Vendor

  • View Work Orders assigned to any Vendor you have added to MaintainX

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