What is AI-Powered Procedure Generation?
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Procedure Generation is an innovative AI-powered tool that simplifies creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) from digital documents and instructions. It streamlines your workflow and saves time by taking the manual work out of digitizing your procedure library. This article will guide you through how to use this feature effectively.

Procedure Generation is designed to get you started or complete a significant portion (typically 60 to 80%) of the procedure creation process. It can also be used to enhance existing procedures. However, as needed, you can always edit the generated procedures to ensure the output is the right fit for your team.

How it works

Procedure Generation uses OpenAI's advanced language model, which possesses knowledge up to 2021. It has been fine-tuned with thousands of public procedures from our global procedure library and best practice paradigms within MaintainX. The documents you upload also aid the AI in generating procedures, as they provide additional context. Notably, we do not retain your uploaded content to improve the model; we only use the data you upload to generate the content. Only the generated procedures reviewed by you are retained and saved.

Please remember that AI-generated results may vary, and experimentation can help you achieve the desired outcome.

Read How to Use AI-Powered Procedure Generation to learn how to generate procedures.

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