How to Use AI-Powered Procedure Generation
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How to Access Procedure Generation

Procedure Generation can be accessed from your Procedure Library while using MaintainX’s web application. It is not currently accessible on mobile devices.

To start generating procedures with AI, follow these steps:

  • Click Library.

  • Click Procedures.

  • Click New Procedure Template.

How to Generate a Procedure

Procedure Generation follows your instructions to generate a procedure automatically with AI. The more detail you provide, the better the generated procedure will match your requirements.

The fields you can use to provide instructions include:

  • Title: The title of your procedure, which should summarize what the procedure is for.

  • Asset: The asset in your MaintainX organization that is associated with the procedure you want to generate.

  • Type: The category of procedure you want to generate, such as Electrical, Mechanical or Safety.

  • Frequency: How often the procedure should be carried out, if it relates to routine maintenance or safety checks.

  • Describe your procedure: A prompt, or set of instructions, that guides the Procedure Generation tool to create a procedure that matches your requirements.

Once you have filled out some details for your procedure, click Generate Procedure to start generating the procedure.

Note: Only the Title field is required, but you can generate more specific and comprehensive procedures by providing more information.

The 'Describe your procedure' field is a crucial component of Procedure Generation. It allows you to instruct the AI about the specifics of the procedure you want to create. Here are some ways to use this field effectively:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Provide a detailed step-by-step guide for the procedure.

  • Field Inclusion: Specify which fields you want MaintainX to include in the procedure, such as meter readings or signature capture.

  • Supporting Document Instructions: Instruct the AI about the supporting document, specifying what to include or exclude, and providing context.

Read Advanced Procedure Generation Tips & Guidelines to learn best practices for writing effective prompts.

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