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Advanced Procedure Generation Tips & Guidelines
Advanced Procedure Generation Tips & Guidelines
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To make the most of Procedure Generation, consider the following principles for your prompts:

  • Start with Clear Documents: Provide well-structured, clear digital documents for conversion to enhance AI accuracy.

  • Add Detailed Descriptions: You can use comprehensive descriptions to help the AI better understand your requirements.

  • Use Specific Keywords: Include keywords and phrases highlighting critical steps, safety measures, parts, and tools.

  • Please review and Edit Carefully: Always check and edit the generated content to align with your needs.

  • Test and Experiment: To optimize your results, experiment with different document types, descriptions, and input methods. AI behavior is indeterministic, so testing can help you achieve the desired outcome.

Example prompts for describing a procedure.

Title: Monthly HVAC Machine

Please describe your procedure: I have an HVAC machine that needs monthly cleaning, and I would like to generate a procedure for my HVAC machine. Please include a signature field.

This will generate a signature at the end of the procedure because it specifies a signature field.

Title: New Employee Orientation

Describe your procedure: Generate an onboarding procedure for new technicians to familiarize them with our maintenance protocols. We are a glass blowing factory, and each day, we check all the glass blowers to ensure they are functional.

Example prompts for generating procedures with reference files

Title: Air Compressor Yearly Inspection

Describe your procedure: Using my reference file for an air compressor’s yearly inspection, generate a procedure using the following instructions:

1. Concatenate items under Component and Inspection into the field name; use multiple-choice fields.

2. After each multiple-choice field, add a "Component/Inspection photo" picture field

3. After each picture field, add a "Notes" text field

You’ll see that the generated procedure followed the instructions and included a picture field and a multiple-choice field.

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